Monday, December 7, 2009

The Maiden Heist movie featuring my painting is out on DVD

The movie The Maiden Heist (featuring my painting "The Lonely Maiden") starring Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H. Macy is available now on DVD. The whole painting was somewhat invented, including the girl painted by combining Marcia Gay Harden who plays Roger's (C. Walken) wife, with LA model Toni Czechorosky.
In the movie you can see some extreme close ups of the painting, here are a couple shots I took before sending the painting off to the set. Because the painting was supposed to be painted by fictitious painter (Marcel de Robert) belonging to a fictitious late 19th century painting movement (Post French Naturalist) I wanted the paint to be thicker and look more layered than my own paintings and look a little more like the Naturalist painters. I had a limited amount of time to complete the piece so I used Galkyd Lite medium to minimize the drying time. See my older post where I talk a little more about creating the painting for the movie.


Jason Peck said...

Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for the close ups. Its a beautiful painting. Love seeing your brushwork.

Ive got some Galkyd Lite, but I haven't tried it out yet. Did you use it straight or did you add some turpentine to it?

Looking forward to your new DVD.

Axel said...

We just had a class in the bridge academy of art in utah, we talk about you and see some of your work...
Thank you for share that on your blog, i hope to see you next time i will come back to the usa.

cindy lee jones said...

Such a pretty face...

Bryna said...

You totally amaze me J!

Jesus Estevez said...

A nice painting, I will have to see the movie. congratulations for your fine work.

lipking said...

Thanks. I used the Galkyd mostly straight. I didnt really like that stuff, I like the paint to dry slow. Also it drys so quick that I lost a bunch of good brushes while I was using it.

Scott Daly said...

Beautiful piece Jeremy.

Thomas said...

I enjoyed the movie. It was entertaining. You didn't paint Morgan Freeman's copy of the lonely maiden, did you? ;)

The Galkyd Lite is a tricky medium-- You can add more OMS to it (gamblin actually recommends adding a cap-full to the bottle every now and then due to evaporation), and adding more than recommended (almost 1:1) can retard the drying time significantly. Of course, there are far better mediums if slow drying is sought. The advantage to Galkyd is taking advantage of the immediate tackiness for certain broken-color effects.

Marcos Mateu said...

I admire your work. Beautiful paintings indeed.

Dubman said...

Congrats Jeremy.
Personally I like using the Alchemist Walnut oil medium for oils. About a 3 - 4 day dry time. Another fave is M. Graham's walnut oil which will dry really slowly with little or no yellowing.

Bill Ennis said...

Just bought DVD. Love it!

Dennis Dame said...

Just watched the flick last night. Really enjoyed seeing your painting throughout the picture. Lots of fun!

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

I rented that movie just because of you! Wonderful painting!

Kathleen Eaton said...

A fun flick, but more exciting each time I saw your painting in it. So beautiful -- I love your work!

Debra Rexroat said...

Must have been fun to have your painting be at the center of the story. Enjoyed the film . . . and seeing everyone admire your work! Congratulations.

Jay Farr said...

Loved the movie and youir painting. I thouhgt you did a wonderful job of capturing the period.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is it possible to purchase a copy of The lonely maiden? Thanks

lipking said...

Thanks everyone.
Unfortunately you cant buy a print of it. I sold the rights and the original to the production company Yari Film Group. Im not sure who has the painting now, either Yari or the producer Rob Paris.

gaohui said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi jeremy,

I watched the movie "Maiden Heist" and admire the painting in which MORGAN FREEMAN adores.

Would you mind telling me the name of that particular painting?


Patrick said...

I was talking of your wonderful work with my friend Mike Hernandez,and found your blog ,thanks to this painting.I love the movie,and was so curious to know who painted this women on the beach."Bravo" again mr Jeremy Lipkin , I going to join Mr Christopher Walken in his contemplation.

Anonymous said...

I was also hoping to get a copy of your painting. It is beautiful, I could really see it hanging in my house. Job well done...

Anonymous said...

it seems schmid and sargent are major influences. if i was more disciplined and focused i'd be much farther ahead than i am. finally i am painting again after years of graphic design. painting is my passion.

your painting and walken made that movie. when i saw it i went straight to google. i hope christopher bought the painting, that would be perfect!

you should do a similar version!

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rachelfair said...

it's beautiful. really lovely.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious your painting was not created in the 19th Century and instead in these modern times. What a disappointment...!


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