Monday, October 6, 2008

Painting in Maine

This is a little bit of video I shot of some of the guys painting Marshall Point at sunset.

I just returned from a really fun painting trip to Maine. I rented a house with twelve other painters on Marshall Point in Port Clyde Maine. Paul Schulenburg, Frank Gardner, Ernesto Nemesio, Casey Baugh, Logan Hagege, Glenn Dean, Eric Merrell, Colin Page, Lance Walker, Jeff Bonasia, Jerome Greene and Peter Kalill. But before going to Maine, Ernesto and I stayed in NH and VT for a couple days and had an opportunity to visit paint with living master Richard Schmid, Richards daughter Gretchen Schmid was our model.

Ernesto and me with Richard and our paintings of Gretchen. Ernesto painted her too but his painting didn't make it in this shot.

Marshall Point Nocturne 6"x8" oil

I did a small night painting with some of the other guys. Painting at night is always challenging but it's especially difficult when there is no moon out to give you a little extra light and color. You need to use a headlamp to see your palette and your painting, but the light of the lamp is so bright relative to the landscape that when you look up from your painting you cant see a thing until your eyes re-adjust. Eric Merrell and Frank Gardner posted some of their nocturnes on their blogs, and by the way please visit Franks blog and post a comment, I feel sorry for him that he doesnt get any traffic.

Some Recent Press

My painting won first place in the American Artist Magazine Self Portrait competition, there is a short article with my painting in the October 2008 issue.

The American Artist Highlights Masters of Realism has an article on me in the current issue on newsstands now until April 2009.


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